January 23, 2019
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apparently ff tdm isnt possible, so i tried something else

concept: 3v3 only, cature the flag through ff. blue team spawns top left, red team bottom right.

gameplay: so, you cant capture while the enemy player with team colored flag(red/blue) is still alive. this means you either send your best player to take steal that flag so that he has the best chances of defending himself, or you send your worst player, so that he can run and stall, thus preventing enemy team from capping, while the two others attempt to kill the enemy with the team colored flag.

i didnt have the codes for our current FF maps, so i just edited my own purely to provde a visual aid. however this is a game mode that could be implemented for all of the current ff maps:
current issues with all of the maps:
  • cenation = game over. overall limited chances of comeback if the team color fc dies
  • spawn camp
likely changes will be increasing map size so that it takes longer to cap and thus increasing chances of recovery if you die. or adding elevations in base and allowing a small amount of gunfire to ecape from base. overall, we'd like to hear your thoughts. is the game mode something you would want to see on server or nah

FF CTF.png
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I really want to play this. This will be my game mode. I will be the best.
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