[FFA] Rusty Pit

June 29, 2019
Flyover state
Pawn Credits
Hey guys, Vile here.

It's been *counts fingers* a lot of years since I've last posted a map. Through the years I really did miss it. It's a way to relax and let the imagination flow while implementing strategical game play through your very own creation. I absolutely loved it. I hope I can find that passion again, although it'll be rough without being able to really play the game like it used to be (so far).

I expect this map to have flaws for many reasons. It seems as I have lost the basic knowledge of different levels or height for tiles. I might be right but something seems off.

Give me a couple maps to really get the flow going again. I've named this Rusty Pit for a reason. Lol.


A lot of open gameplay, reminds me of Grasslands. Nick also created a cool map after being gone for a long time
Ooof. I forgot spawns.
I wanted this map to be a simple TDM map for say, "new players." I figured that goal would be a simple design to brush that rust off.

I'm in the process of making another map with increased difficulty of design. Will most likely post it tomorrow. Don't get too excited.
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