Fireworks should be illegal

They are illegal in California. You need a permit to do them technically and have a show

They are illegal in certain counties but not all across California. And no fireworks shouldn't be illegal on the basis of pollution because where does it end? Once you let the government interfere on that level, what's to stop them from banning more things? Im certainly for banning fireworks in certain areas for different reasons like Crim said in California we have a very hire fire risk in certain areas like the county I live in and it makes sense, but to allow the government to just ban whatever they want on the basis of "pollution" is just too far. And in terms of pollution, fireworks is probably .00000000001% of it and it seems like a stupid policy of banning them makes no sense. Things like having emissions standards on cars and things of that nature however make much more sense to actually solving the problem at hand. It is the exact same thing as saying America has a huge obesity problem so let's ban french fries!! Ya that isn't really gonna solve the problem will it?
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Another reason for them being illegal was kids kept blowing their fingers off

Considering you have to be an adult to buy them it was already illegal for kids to have them anyway so again I think that's poor reasoning. Kids illegally obtain alcohol and do very stupid things but that doesn't mean we outlaw it for everyone.
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