First Responders

June 8, 2020
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Anybody here ever serve or is currently serving as a first responder or has an immediate family member that has? This is to include all first responders, military, law enforcement; etc. How long did you serve or are currently serving? What made you choose to fill the role? What did/do you enjoy most about it?

I'm currently active duty Navy and i've have been in for 4 years. I initially wanted to be a firefighter but the department I wanted to join near me already had a pool of applicants and weren't really looking to hire. My grandfather is a 20 year Army retiree and he influenced my decision. I joined because I wanted more stability and job security in my life and to see the world. I'll likely be getting out after I complete my 8 years. I enjoy the camaraderie and strangers that I meet from all backgrounds that end up becoming family to me.
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