Completed Friendly Gamer Giveaway (Borderlands 2 GOTY)

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January 31, 2019
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Hello spring breakers!

Are you wondering what other games you could be playing with the illustrious community of In an act of charity, I am planning to give away 3 steam keys for Borderlands 2 Game of the Year. If you have ever played Realm of the Mad God, Destiny, Tom Clancy's The Division, or Anthem, Borderlands 2 is in the same genre - first-person shooter, with RPG elements; unlike the aforementioned games, Borderlands 2 comes with minimal paywalls, has hundreds of hours of replay value, and supports an active community base to help new and veteran players alike rediscover their enjoyment of the game. And I would love to play it with some of you lucky winners!


- You must have an existing steam account that I can send the game code to.
- Make a post on this thread indicating you are interested, and you are registered for the giveaway.
- I will use a random-number generator to get the final results. According to historical data, this game should go on sale March 8 or 9, so I will end the giveaway signup on March 10, 23:59 PM PST.
- If you currently have a copy of the game, kindly refrain from participating, so that other forum members can.
- After the giveaway, I will create a conversation group so that we can coordinate times to play this new game together!

Feel free to include questions/comments below!
Yeah so currently the game is not yet on sale, I guess it could go on sale next week too but we will keep the close registration date to this weekend.
Alright I went to bed and no one else signed up so, 60% of the respondents are about to get a free game in the near future. I'll post screenies of my random number generator later.

EDIT: Ok we got the winners, stay tuned for the inbox message for your Steam ID's @Chernobyl @Spongebob @Zylinderknopf


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What happens when the game doesn't go on sale?

Well, I hope I am a man of my word. But I'm willing to shell out $60 to get the base game for the 3 winners regardless, its just that the GOTY edition is a much better deal and Valve better come through on this spring break sale.

Edit - Ok having said that, if the steam sale happens and the bundle game price is under $10, I'll buy a steam key for all 5 participants because you all graciously joined the most successful new Pawn website tourney to date omegalul @TheCriminaL @iKidd
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Wow thank you you are so kind Hunter 😍

Even though I lost I appreciate this tourney 😂

Is this what you’re talking about?

Ok so I did some more research on how reputable cdkeys is (because third-party sites like G2A) and it looks good enough. Total would come out to $30 and then I'll PM you individually the game keys. No one is obligated to play with me/one another, this is pure charity :)

The website looks like it is conducting legitimate business so my personal financial information won't be compromised. But there are some reviews online about revoked keys, I hope none of you run into that. Stay tuned boys and girls.
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