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January 31, 2019
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To our fellow admins,

As a member of the community, many of us believe there's no hope, and we are once again trending a decrease in activity. Majority of the community had constantly bought up the state of Pawn/PT in the past, and honestly nothing except two things (in 10 years) has significantly changed. Sure, we had minor updates, they seem pretty cool, but nothing worth keeping the community around. I understand to achieve OUR goal to a successful active community, WE must bear patience. We as members, should try to recruit new members. This is what you guys want, right?

I want to know what are your long term and short term plans? What are goals that you guys believe that WILL happen. Alex, how much longer do you plan on giving us minor updates to PT? When are we going to see major changes to the game? Tell us how you feel, and clear up any misunderstandings people don't understand. I'm not here to criticize, WE want some love and answers.

It's easy to blame the admins, but it hasn't resolved anything.

I personally think, it's better for this generation of players to move on for good, and have a new generation (8-12+ year olds) be reborn. For the sake of Pawn and beyond.
There's a roadmap for 2020: Pawn Game - Multiplayer Gaming
It wouldn't hurt to have a more detailed roadmap (maybe there is one).

I also believe people expect too much. This game doesn't even earn them any revenue and they still keep it alive/work on it.
Keep your expectations low and just hope they reanimate this game somehow. ;)
Agreed Zylin,

A free game with a small base of players right now.... let it time to regrow. Plus Alex showed us his coming plans. Hopefully all will go well and with the new platforms we will be able to bring alot of new people into PT!
From the roadmap it looks like the plans are to fix a lot of the bugs and add useful features first. Then when things are more stable and secure they will start advertising the game and that will bring in a lot of new players. Marketing/Advertising this game is going to likely be the biggest step towards revival. Social media and search engines have become a big deal since this game was last active so I expect it to bring thousands of new players depending on the admins budget for ads.

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