Games Temporarily Down for 2 Weeks


Staff Team
December 27, 2018
Pawn Credits
As a symbol of peace, Pawn and Pawn Tactics will go offline for two weeks. Warfare belongs in games, not out on our streets.

The escalation of armed conflict in Europe brings strong heart felt emotions of sorrow and grief. To show support for resolving all outstanding armed conflicts in the world, Pawn and Pawn Tactics shall go offline.

☀️ Let hope never escape those when the weather is stormy. Our hearts and strength extend to yours. ❤️
It’s been about two weeks though I dont have the opportunity to online the games at this time. Restoration will be slightly delayed.
@Deleted member 1602

Please be nice to those that don't have mental clarity. I believe in you Alex, thank you for taking down the game for those 2 weeks! I feel healed, and the people in Ukraine are saved!!!
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