I Kissed My Sweetie With My Fist


January 1, 2019
Sacramento, CA
Pawn Credits
Get 20 Melee kills with the heavy class in one match.

Will someone 1v1 me on a 10 minute map so we can unlock this award? We can simply duel using only heavy melee
I'm pretty sure this is considered as cheating. The point of these awards and challenges, are so that you have something to do in-match (besides the obvious objective of winning.)
In theory - yes. In practice - no. There's too few PT players to unlock awards naturally (at least for me)
i can't 1v1 you without first knowing ur pwr lvl. im afraid my aura would absolutely devestate you before you even have a chance to put the pieces on the board and i am not the type of guy who gets on by schmucking ppl into the shadow realm.
we shall pad this atrocity.

interesting perspective xenus
Google told me it's the title of a song by Merle Haggard

google also told me he was incarcerated for burglary and attempted escape so I doubt he was the beacon for inspiration.
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