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January 5, 2019
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Too often people play for KD. This of course is not bad, but it usually comes with the sacrifice of objective.

e.g: people play pub KotH/TKotH/CTF/Assault or even CW for KD w/o playing objective.

this either ruins fun for others, ruins it for yourself, or it renders the gamemode obsolete.

i’ve a simple, small suggestion to fix jus that.

make two separate systems: points and experience.

points: points will only be gained/lost thru kills/death. Nothing else. This brings back value to the leaderboards.

Experience: experience will be used to level up, create clans, unlock locked rooms, *unlock locked classes*, and the award that requires you to be t2 to get smoke.

hear me out: experience will only be obtained by flag captures, zone captures, heal counts, hill points, etc. now that you have to get exp to level up etc, you must play objective without having to give up KD oriented play!

Extension: incentivize it even more.
e.g; if you win koth matches by x hill caps, you get y amount of extra exp.
if you cap all 3 flags(pub or cw), you get x amount of extra exp.
the list goes on and on

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makes classes that are built for area denial useless in gaining "experience". also makes things more grindy than they already are
This system will only decrease the fun. Take CTF for example. Who would play it on a point-based system if capturing the flags means nothing? The only exception I can think of is flag fights, but that is it. Now, if people play it on the experience-based system, then you are basically disallowing all classes except Assault and Recon. If kills mean nothing, then there would be no maulers laying down clays, no heavies spraying across the map, no lancers trying to kill the heavies, etc. It will also significantly decrease the level of difficulty to obtain flag captures, and this makes the game really really boring. I personally would not play on either system.
@MoMo @Kvitrafn

don’t throw away my idea just yet, this could still work.

award both exp and points for kills and make it such that only points go to leaderboards and exp towards lvling up.
The system you suggested simply makes things more complicated. The way it is right now is perfectly fine.
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