Kill or be killed?

Kill or be killed

  • Kill

  • Be killed

  • Drown the 16 yo, then drown seld

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January 1, 2019
Sacramento, CA
In a strange scenario

Would you forcefully drown a smart innocent 16 year old adolescent, nobody would know but you live with the guilt
Would you drown while saving a smart innocent 16 year old adolescent who is struggling to swim. You save the adolescent and all will revere you as a hero
live with the guilt hahaha youre funny
wouldnt feel an ounce of guilt
I'm gonna be honest: I'd even drown two innocent 16 year old strangers if I'd avoid my otherwise certain death.

But I wouldn't do that if it was someone I knew (even slightly).
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I would pick choice 3, there's a way for both to survive you just have to be a problem solver. They can't drown you while trying to save them if they arent trying to swim.

Edit: The adolescent isn't very smart if they try to save themselves by drowning you instead of listening to instructions from the experienced swimmer.

Edit 2: You should change option 1 to risk being killed.
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