[KotH] Crow's Nest


January 1, 2019
Sacramento, CA
Pawn Credits

After constructing this map I thought - "you know what, this map may be a lot more fun as a team koth map rather than a koth map". I tried to recreate the map with B, G and Y spawns, but there's an issue in the map editor with re-loading a map that uses the recently constructed tiles. I'm not going to remake the map from scratch just to replace 9 spawn tiles, and replacing the custom concrete tiles with old concrete tiles just looks ugly. It's easier to conceptualize each team has its own 3 spawns in each central corner
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I know that I cannot view this map in the map tester. I know that Near and IAmNoob (alexwlabc?) developed these tiles, and I imagine they know what they're doing. If the custom tiles are an issue - it's ok. I can just replace those tiles with other concrete wall tiles. It would be less aesthetically pleasing, but gameplay would be identitcal
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