Implemented Lag Spikes

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January 1, 2019
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I have noticed some people are lag spiking randomly while playing the game.
This has also happened to me in recent 1v1 games with @fadingbreeze, I'm not sure whats going on.
This isn't a connection error on my part or a lack of PCU power, I play PubG, Fortnite, and Rocket league on highest settings with no problem.
Have we switched servers or is there something I'm doing wrong on my part?
Yeah, there were lag spikes in that 1v1, my connection is fine and I play on a gaming PC.

Yes, there has been quite a lot of recent reports of lag.
I moved this over to the PT bugs because it was posted in the forum suggestions.

To answer your question, no we haven't switched servers but im not sure why its doing that for you.

Maybe Alex can clear the situation up when he sees this.

Personally I dont experience any lag at all when playing PT
For the first time today i froze during a cwar, never happened before and have pretty good connection, why is it happening now
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