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January 11, 2019
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Let me start this off by saying I understand that the foremost goals currently are transitioning to this site and growing our player base. This thread will consist of suggestions I feel will either increase the quality of life of the game and balance the classes (I also understand that words mean nothing, and that gameplay would ultimately determine if what I suggest would truly balance the game). That said, here is my list, and feel free to give constructive criticism. Also if you feel you have suggestions of your own that would like added to this list, let me know.

Overall Gameplay or Interface
  • Reduce accuracy while moving - This would somewhat diminish the occurrence of getting shot around corners by lag, but also make holding corners or areas of importance on different parts of a map more valuable. This would be a buff to classes such as lancer, assault, and mauler, as they are the primary defensive classes, but also provide more team based offensives to be able to uproot said defenders (as they would have to move to avoid getting sandwiched, reducing their accuracy). The reduction should not be too large, and different classes should receive higher or lower reductions subjectively. For example, assault should not have a high accuracy reduction, but mauler and heavy should as their weapons are more cumbersome.
  • Bring back fullscreen - I can't be the only one that misses this Added!
  • Variable character numbers in clan tags - Three letters and only three letters cuts down on the creativity that could be had with clan tags, and a lot of the tags have been used in the past. 2-4 characters would provide more options for clan creators.
  • Server messages for clan war results - Small feature, but I think it would be more rewarding to have it broadcasted on the server. Competition is healthy, why not foster it?
  • Reward system for consistent/high achieving players - Now this one is for way down the line, but I feel that having something to play for is always better than not, and having some sort of reward that is visible to all players for even a limited time is pretty cool
  • Mute options - I previously suggested a mute option for the radio in-game, but I think it also worth suggesting a mute option in the lobbies. Some people are annoying and I would prefer to not see their messages. Once again, I can't be the only one that thinks this

1. Assault
  • Remove 2 frags, 1 flash - The assault class has both the best gun in the game and the most utility in the game. This means not only can the assault snipe you across the map, it can carpet bomb you while you're blinded from two different angles. Every other class with grenades has uniform grenade quantity, assault should be no different.
2. Support
  • Out of combat regen - It makes no sense that a medic cannot heal itself. Out of combat self-healing makes sense, why not implement it?
3. Heavy
  • Spray control/overheat - Make it so the longer the heavy holds down its minigun, the tighter the spray is. to avoid a bullet hose with a heavy/support combo, make the minigun overheat after x amount of bullets, rendering it unusable for x amount of time. I should note that the idea is once the heavy releases the trigger, the spray control is reset, but the heat gradually goes down.
4. Recon (here is where the comments will roll in)
  • Visible sooner - Increase the distance at which a recon starts to fade into sight. Recons should not be able to run in head-on to another class without a decent enough notice. It's a special ops soldier, not a superhero.
5. Mauler
  • Remove 1 claymore - Two claymores is too much zoning potential and slows down the game too much. One claymore is fine, as the mauler is excellent at holding zones alone anyway.
  • Increase knife range - Mauler literally needs to hug someone to knife them, and unlike the other 2 classes with access to knives, mauler cannot one-shot a medium armor unit. Making the knife range comparable to commander and recon would increase the quality of life of mauler, but not too significantly as it still is slower than the two aforementioned classes.
6. Guardian
  • Faster shield move speed/no stamina regen with shield up, increase gun damage - This is just my opinion, but guard should be more of a quick defense for the team (such as getting from point a to point b), then provide some supporting firepower with the smg once the fighting has begun.
7. Lancer (once again, more comments I'm sure)
  • Lower rate of fire - Lancer is the best class in the game, without question. Top movespeed plus medium armor is absolutely busted. Having a gun that can 2 shot anything with medium or heavy armor and the ability to kite recons is disgusting. Lowering the rate of fire would allow for some counter-play other than hoping your recon lands a solid backstab.
  • Light armor - Speed should ALWAYS be tied to armor type
8. Commander
  • Medium armor/medium speed - Commander is a useless class, and making it a speed demon at the cost of armor is terrible. Medium armor gives it some survivability, plus will mesh well with the following suggested change.
  • Increase LMG damage, lower fire rate - "Dealing heavy damage" is in the description of the gun in the class review. It does nothing. Giving the commander a ranged option would allow for the varied gameplay every other class has.
  • Accuracy aura only works while active - Makes no sense that classes keep the accuracy bonus after the aura is switched off
  • Slow and stamina auras should not go through walls - This was suggested like 6 years ago, but Blank stopped working on the game so RIP
  • Decrease the slow applied by the slow aura - I think everyone can agree with this
  • Add 2 frag grenades - The goal of this particular line of suggestions is to produce a more well-rounded class, and grenades would help immensely. Commander is useless, and will be unless something along these lines occurs. Grenades allow for something other than one-dimensional gameplay.

I'll list suggestions from you guys down here, if I see fit.

Zen's Suggestions:

• Post Lobby should show flag captures and assists

• The "Create a Clan" box should be replaced with "Clan Statistics" that show things such as :
  1. Most Points earned this week
  2. Most Kills this week
  3. Most Deaths Points lost this week
  4. Most Games played this week
  5. Clan Match History?
I think this one is really good for two reasons: A) When clan owners aren't on, they can get a better idea of what members are making an impact and B) it gives clan members motivation to play every week, for those sweet flex points

• There should be 5 tiers within the clan system, not 3 (Currently: Owner, Moderator, Member)

I would suggest the 5 tiers be the following:
  1. Owner - Can join clan war groups, create clan war groups, send invites, edit clan board, and promote to any role
  2. Co-Owner - Can join clan war groups, create clan war groups, send invites, edit clan board, and promote to Moderator & Member
  3. Moderator - Can join clan war groups, create clan war groups, and send invites
  4. Member - Can join clan war groups and create clan war groups
  5. Recruit - Can join clan war groups
I really like dis 1 cuz sometimes u have those members that are AIGHT but you really don't want them warring unless one of your better players is on, and it doesn't cripple a clan when an owner goes in active for whatever reason.

• Default & Rotating Map Sets
I think there should be a core set of maps for clan war that are always there (preferably the OGs like OC, LI, etc.) and a rotating map set. The rotating map set would be a good way to test maps for the default map set, and it would be a good way to keep the game fresh from week to week.

• Practice Clan Matches
Practice clan matches should be changed to only need (2v2), and you should be able to pick any map regardless of number requirements. That way you can theory craft strategies outside of game with your clan. (Might need to remove point gains for padding reasons?)

HaF's Suggestions

I disagree with reducing moving accuracy. Players' ability to move is one of the few things that raises the already low skill ceiling of this game. Also, I feel like people are already playing super defensively and such changes would make CTF more stale than it already is. Definitely agree with the ability to mute radio and use 4 characters in clan tags.

In terms of class suggestions,

1. I think that removing 1 flashbang and 1 frag would be the best choice. I feel like the assault kit SHOULD have more grenades than a class like support or lancer.

2. I think that out-of-combat regen is a fairly good idea. This would make more people people support due to the self-sustaining nature. However, the out-of-combat timer should be something like 15 seconds before they start healing slowly (until they enter combat again). Also, if an enemy is within a certain radius, I think that the healing should stop.

3. Agreed

4. I greatly disagree with this because I feel like this nerfs less laggy recons more than laggy recons. It might even make non-laggy recons obsolete.

5. Agree with increasing knife range. However, I think that claymores should be changed such that you have 2 claymores but can only have one down at any one time. This reduces zone control but doesn't make clays obsolete with many classes having grenades.

6. Idc about this class tbh

7. Give it light armor and take away crits on non-heavy classes imo

8. I think that the slow should not go through walls (credit goes to zen). Agree with the accuracy changes and giving it medium armor. For the other changes, I don't think that we should overhaul it that much. I'd go with those 3 changes and then tune it further after testing.

" Furthermore, the flashbang is too powerful for how little skill is required to utilize it. I think that the flash duration should be significantly lowered when it is not thrown near an actual player. This would lead to more skillful usage of the flashbang and not simply allow people to spam it without any consequences for being imprecise"
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December 27, 2018
I like a lot of these ideas. Especially the edits @HateAndFriends has made. I think those would drastically improve the game.

  • Variable character numbers in clan tags - Three letters and only three letters cuts down on the creativity that could be had with clan tags, and a lot of the tags have been used in the past. 2-4 characters would provide more options for clan creators.

Currently pushing for this to happen since so many people have asked. Really would like to see this happen.
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