Implemented Map Editor - "Tile Selected:" & Pumpkin Block

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Pawn Map Making Team
January 18, 2019
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The tile selected on the bottom right of the editor isn't working, not showing what tile is actually selected. Makes the process of making maps difficult/longer, since it expands the pictured tile from the list, giving you a better visual of what you want to use. Had to place a block down each from the Graveyard set and load into a game to actually see the difference between them.

Also, the pumpkin block should probably be F and not CF. Better to be able to just hide/walk behind it and be used aesthetically, so it doesn't block shots (which can ruin gameplay) and prevent being able to stand on top of it's invisible space (which is just ugly and bothering, let's be honest)

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Hey, thanks for the report.

I created these graveyard tiles a while back. The intention was for the pumpkin's to be non-collidable. I suppose when Azami added them when he was still working on Pawn he must have mistakenly made them collidable.

I'll look into this, as-well-as the 'Tile Selected' functionality.

Thanks for the report :)
All of these issues are fixed and will be available in the next update.

Again, thanks for the report :)
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