Open Map feature you can only walk across from one direction? Would this allow for better designs and gameplay?

March 7, 2019
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This would fundamentally work like those revolving barriers you see in subways. Where they only turn one direction, so you can walk through them from one way but then can't go back through it.

It doesn't have to look like that in game. But it would work like that. It could look like a pad on the ground with an arrow on it that pushes you in that direction when you walk over it, or a sci-fi looking one way laser barrier, a cliff ledge you can jump down but not climb back up, whatever.

I mainly see this being useful to prevent one team from spawn camping. They can't stand on top of your spawn spot spamming the melee button because they can't physically get to that spot. But it might also be valuable for restricting maneuverability to whatever way the map designer thinks would make gameplay interesting.
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Interesting idea... I think if used right this can add spice to gameplay, but if map makers use them in a poor sense, it would probably be horrible.

Basically, sounds good but it needs to be used in a good way.
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