Map Tile Edits and Requests?


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January 22, 2019
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Can we please get these much needed tiles or edits? :D

Attribute Edits:

tile076.png tile077.pngtile003.png tile006.png
- Make them CF instead of C. The reasoning is you can put F Urban boxes on top or on side of these blocks, and players who hide in the F boxes will have body part stick through because these tiles are currently only C

clay wooden ladder.png
- Combination of the new desert wooden ladder and red brick background. Will allow desert caves with wooden tiles, instead of relying on the solid red Urban ladders

space wooden ladder.png
- Combination of new desert wooden ladder and space background. Will allow dark caves to be made with the new ladders, which I find to be a huge improvement over old castle ladders

wooden ladder graveyard dark.png wooden ladder graveyard light.png
- Combination of new desert wooden ladder and graveyard brick backgrounds

new canopy ladder.png new canopy ladder grass.png
- Combination of new desert wooden ladder and canopy tiles

wooden ladder grass.png
- Combination of new desert wooden ladder and grass

snow layer space ladder.png
- Combination of space snow background and the space ladder, for continuity of snow

Snow Clear Ladder.png
- Clear ladder with snow on bottom, for continuity of snow

crane flip.png
- Missing angle on the crane tileset

new crane flipped.png
- Corrected angle for crane tileset

- Add a duplicate block that is F instead of CF, so you can use these as structural supports

grass left side tree.png grass right side tree.png
- Left and Right side for trees with grass, for situations where trees extend into ground blocks, but aren't on the ground floors

canopy ladder grass.png
- Ladder touching grass, so you don't need to force players to jump onto ladder

crane pallet left.png crane pallet middle.png crane pallet right.png
- Allow for pallets on the ground, instead of forcing suspension in the air

- Transition blocks from top to bottom
- Transition blocks from left to right
- Water blocks (grab something from Minecraft?)
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If there are any artistic individuals out there, I would love to see these tilesets:

- Sky (clouds for mountain top tileset)
- Japanese/Chinese inspired temple tiles (can combine with above)
- Sea tiles (coral, underwater caves, seaweed)
- Underwater tiles (rework the them so they are easier to use?)
- Ladder integration between tilesets as shown above
- Transition tiles between tiles

- More updated backgrounds!

- Swamp/Marsh tiles

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