March 2022 Status Update


Staff Team
December 27, 2018
Pawn Credits
Hey everyone. To keep transparent I'm delivering this status update.

I currently have Pawn Game on my back burner as I'm addressing the damage caused to my life by heavy video game addictions and have picked up extra work to cover some debt.

One of the outstanding items I'm looking to address before I get back into working on our games is being honest that I would greatly appreciate the community's help covering the monthly server fees. Paying them has been crushing me from a mental health stand point and I've been too afraid to express that until now. To those who have contributed some funds in the past, thank you.
d/w about it bruh. just let the game go and the chapter in your life close. hope you had a good of an experience as I did
Like Vision said, a thing isn't beautiful because it lasts. We all had great times together with this amazing thing you guys created.

Let it go offline for awhile, even a long time. Focus on your life.
Modalex, I believe it is time to let it go. If this game is migrated to Android and Apple, it will be a huge success. But who will be able to make it?
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