Mass Shootings


January 1, 2019
Sacramento, CA
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Mass shootings pop up every month in US. Canada equally has the same issue

I've learned to live with it as it happens so frequently, but that's obviously not a cure to the problem.

I don't think any single group is to blame. Shooters have been white, black, middle eastern, asian, women.

I don't think gun control will ever work because US is so large. As ridiculous as it sounds, maybe a potential solution could be to create more hunting opportunities. It wouldn't be about giving angry people an opportunity to release their anger. Rather, killing an animal can produce feelings of guilt, and requires skill and responsibility. To hunt an animal, one must track, execute, then take responsibility of the body. Hunting can give aggressive people an opportunity to know what it's like to take a life. Many mass shooters show remorse, and hunting animals is the best remedy I can think of.

1) What's your attitude towards shootings?
2) What do you think is a solution?
3) What would you do if you were suddenly involved in a shooting?
Gun control is impossible in the U.S not because of its size, but its constitution and the political divide between the Democratic and Republican parties. A full-on restriction on firearms would require consensus from both sides and rewriting Amendment II.

In my opinion, firearms should be completely banned because background checks are simply not enough. They don't prevent people from abusing the weapons later on. It is also not a difficult task to obtain the certification to purchase / own firearms because the safety exam is ridiculously easy. I took a four-hour course and finished the exam with 100% in less than 10 minutes. Now even though I am allowed to have a gun, I find it kind of useless, at least in California. The laws say that the gun must be unloaded, bullets be stored separately, and in a safe. So if some murderers break in to my house, I would be dead by the time I finish entering the code to open the safe. I might not even make it to the safe. Even if I actually manage to open it and load the gun, I am not allowed to shoot unless I face a life-threatening situation where a gun, knife, or dangerous object is clearly seen pointing at me or my family. What is the point if I cannot use what is legal to protect my property? lol just lol at the ambiguous laws. Nevertheless, I will still keep one in case I really need it because the city has become very unsafe.

If I am suddenly involved in a shooting, then oh well, I guess I'll pray for my life. I will hide if I can, or pretend to be dead if I can't, or fight if the shooter is literally right next to me since the former two options would not be possible.
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1) What's your attitude towards shootings?
the people that commit them should be treated as terrorists, not general criminals

2) What do you think is a solution?
culturally accept that owning guns isn't a right, it's a privilege and should be treated as such

3) What would you do if you were suddenly involved in a shooting?
1) What's your attitude towards shootings?

Not very surprised or phased by them anymore because they happen so frequently now. I think it's starting to become the norm which is definitely not a good thing but there certainly needs to be some steps taken when it comes to mental health within this nation as a whole because I do not believe a mentally sane person just wakes up and starts planning to shoot into a crowd of people.

2) What do you think is a solution?

There is no solution only ways to mitigate the possibility of it happening again. Even if there were a ban on gun that doesn't prevent knife sprees or vehicular manslaughter from happening. The problem isn't the guns in my opinion because the weapon is just a method to carry out these acts. The intent is the problem.

3) What would you do if you were suddenly involved in a shooting?

Depends on my proximity to the shooting. If I am within a 50 meter radius I would want to try and subdue him before he kills anyone else. If I am within a 100 meter radius I would want to try and get as many people out of the kill zone as possible. If I am within a 1000 meter radius probably do a about face and walk away. Now if I am carrying my pistol I would only use it if I can see the shooter otherwise I would refrain from even pulling it out to avoid shooting innocent people running away. It really depends but if I have the opportunity to try and stop it why not. I'd rather die trying then live with guilt knowing I could've done something.
2) What do you think is a solution?
You mentioned that you dont think banning guns is a solution. You stated that steps need to be taken towards mental health. However, many shooters are young adults, and it's difficult to regulate and determine future violent offenders. I dont really buy the knife attack/vehicular manslaughter argument because shooting people is just so easy. It's challenging to yield a sword and cut into people, but it's simple to aim and pull a trigger. You have convinced me there needs to be tighter regulations on guns
1) What's your attitude towards shootings?

I feel sad seeing what is going on. It's to the point each day you hope there isn't one. I cannot imagine what families are feeling after hearing their loved ones have died in such an occurrence. Even then those same families probably get reoccurring emotions when they see another shooting has happened.

2) What do you think is a solution?

A solution would be to revise the rights of bearing arms. The constitution was made before semi-automatic guns were available.

Right now I think there are many factors contributing to the increase of these mass shootings. I honestly think the main issue is social media. In the last few years you can literally see everyone being divided for certain political groups, races, etc. Each posting the issues and fighting each other over who is right. I think the main solution is for humanity to come together as one and accept differences but right now that is not going to happen.

3) What would you do if you were suddenly involved in a shooting?

I hope I am never in a mass shooting. Nowadays I will go out in public and wonder if something is going to happen. If i were to be put in the situation where I was in the gunman range I would have to fight. I wouldn't want to shot running, I'd rather be shot fighting. If I was out of range I'd call 911 immediately and try to help as much as I can. That's what I say now but it could change with adrenaline pumping through me.
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