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Staff Team
December 27, 2018
This thread is to inform everyone on who the Pawn staff are and what their roles are.
The Pawn staff are always here to answer any questions.

@Alex - Community Management
@TheCriminaL - Community Management
@Greb - Forum Moderator
@Kvitrafn - Forum Moderator

Community Management -
Administrators can help you modify your account if needed.
Forum Moderator - If you find some forum content in need of attention, the best person to contact will be a Forum Moderator.
Game Moderator - If you find a rule breaker, the best person to contact will be a Game Moderator.

Bans, and Rule Enforcement
Please contact a corresponding moderator or administrator with any questions regarding rule enforcement.

Critical Bugs and Exploits
If you discover a critical issue or exploit that you believe is not suitable to be posted as a public bug report. Please report it straight to the administrators.
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