New gamemode idea and associated map concept. Thoughts?

March 7, 2019
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I have a thread over in the Suggestions section for a gamemode that I would call either Frontlines or Tug of War. The idea is it's basically like assault, but instead of having one team play as the designated attacking team and the other play as the designated defending team for the whole game, both teams are filling both roles. You start with a zone in the middle, or somewhere equally accessible to both teams, that each team has to fight for. One it's captured by one team, the next available zone is closer to one side. And you basically have to push all the way to the other team's last zone and capture it to win the game.

Battlefield has a gamemode just like this and with the same name. So if you've played that, this is basically just that in Pawn Tactics.

So I have an associated map concept to go with it.

Basically you have an odd number of zones. Five, seven, nine, etc. And the starting zone would be in the center, or somewhere equally accessible by both teams. And the map features around the starting zone would be symmetrical on both sides, so neither team has a geographical advantage at that starting zone.

Then, as the zone gets captured by one team, the map would be designed to give a minor geographical advantage to the losing team that the winning team has to overcome. As you capture more zones and push towards either side's final zone that would end the game, the map would be designed to give progressively greater and greater geographical advantages to the losing team. That way when one team has pushed all the way to the end and only has one zone they need to cap to win the game, the team that's about to lose has such great geographical advantages that the team that's about to win basically has to storm and conquer a fortress.

Obviously the geographical advantages should never be quite so slanted as to be basically impossible. But the difficulty of capturing the next zone should scale as you get closer to winning the game. It should work sort of like a pendulum, where the map is designed with a "center of gravity" of sorts to make the gameplay tend towards the middle, and the winning team will be the one who is best able to overcome that effect.

Thoughts on this? How feasible do you all think this concept is given the map features that are available in the Pawn Tactics map editor?
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