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December 27, 2018
Pawn Credits
Hey everyone,

The recent things I've been working on are coming to an end for now. After taking Gent's advice and re-testing Ruffle (the popular Flash Player emulator), I have found that Pawn works in it now! Although it is a little buggy and jittery, and the scroll wheel doesn't work, it's a suitable compromise for the time being since anyone can access it, even from a phone for example if they would like to make some maps!

Pawn is now available to play from the web so be sure to bookmark this page! Pawn Game - Multiplayer Gaming - Pawn The downloadable version of Pawn has not been updated and no longer works.

The same cannot be said for Pawn Tactics, which unfortunately fails to load the login window. This means Pawn Tactics will be down until the next time I work on some things.
Unless you're brave enough to temporarily edit your hosts file and use the previous downloadable version.
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