Nominate Game Moderators!


Staff Team
December 27, 2018
Hey everyone,

If you have not seen yet, we have added Game Moderator Applications!

The staff would like to create a positive conversation around who would make a great Game Moderator.

Please list a person or people you believe would fit this role best!

Providing an explanation as to why you think so and which game will help greatly.



Pawn Staff :)
1. legend - the most committed pt player in history

2. momo - the most level headed pawn community member in history

3. manubarca - the only somewhat og pt player left besides me and sniper

4. bobmarley - not a racist
Momo = one of the oldest members on pawn, been a moderator on PT the longest and did a good job at it, active community member in game and in forums. First person who comes to mind when it comes to being a PT mod. For other people not really sure who else I would recommend, no names come to mind but do agree with chern with manu since he was a good mod and taught me the commands.

I have no idea for pg mods tbh
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@MoMo - nice person, helpful, doesn’t flame, is active

@EpicWin - chill, active, and nice. Also used to tape cheaters back on old Pawn so that’s a +

@Dan - OG, doesn’t have a vendetta against anyone
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Sacred- do I even need a reason?? This man surpasses beauty, when I think of sacred I think of Kakashi from Naruto.

Legend- plays a lot

Crazed- doesn’t flame, plays a lot
Manu- was fair when we were mods
Legend- he keeps the game alive and he’s the most devoted pt player
Crazed- Seems chill and plays a lot
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