Our "social network usage"-game is weak AF

February 3, 2019
I heard PT's official Instagram page has 26 followers. How is that even possible?
That's wasted potential.
I could literally get 1K followers by posting poop-pictures (no seriously. Some guys are into :sneaky:)

Anyway, I propose we let @MoMo be in charge of the Instagram page. According to widespread rumors he's a famous model. His fame might be useful.
On top of that, I have another brilliant idea:

Don't start with Pawn Tactics pictures to get followers. Post pictures of Fortnite, women or whatever catches the interest of our target group.
Once you hit a certain follower-threshold you just change everything to PT. Easy.

@Alex (I'm tagging you, because you said you won't possibly see it) - also remove it to another subsection if it doesn't fit into General Discussion.


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January 1, 2019
If Fusious has plans to update social media pages frequently when he comes back, I say we leave it as it is since advertisement has not yet been released.
If you are considering adding more people on to the team, both Zyl and I can help. You may also consider handing this opportunity to the Pawn Recruitment Group.

Momo prefers to be Boss but I am okay with Zylinder taking the role.

LOL I actually prefer sharing responsibilities with at least one other person. More Brains = More Ideas.
Moderating a non-personal fan page is definitely not something that one can do on his/her own.
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Well I heard @Legend is a amazing looking guy in real life and gets a whopping 15 likes every instagram post. Thats 15 times what I get! I think with legends dedication and activity, he would be best to supervise our social network platforms!
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