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December 27, 2018
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Map Making Guide by Live

• Intro

• Basic
- Size
- Tiles
- Tiles Type
- Slots
- Clipboard Management

• Appearance
- Intro
- Symmetry
- Correspondence
- Ladders
• Defense
- Intro
- Ways

• Public Maps

• Tips

• Credits


Hello, I'm live. And I'm here to help you to become a better map maker. Anybody can make a map, but it takes somebody to make a good map. This guide will extend the map map making world to you.


This section will show you the basics of map editor. You may actually learn something here.


The beginning of all maps. Deciding your size. Here, I'll list the common sizes. Width x Hight

1x3 - Usually used as a drop style map.
1x2 - A small map. Hard to work with.
1x1 - Usually for 1on1 maps.
2x3 - Usually used for a tower style map.
2x2 - A square shape map, difficult to work with.
2x1 - A small map.
3x3 - Huge map, easy to make, hard to make good.
3x2 - A 2 row & long ways map. Difficult to work with.
3x1 - A fort style map. Very easy to work with, and very popular size.


I'll just list of the tiles in themes in this part of the section.

Special - A must in all maps. It has blue/red spawns, which are used for spawning the player. An artifact, for assaults. Used to target it, taking down the hp. Blue defends it, and red attacks. Ammo Crates, Very important resource. Pressing 'E' one it will refill their HP and Ammo for all guns.

Urban - A very popular theme, has 19 tiles. 1 ladder,8 solids, and 10 Walk through. The Box tiles are the most used. Because you can hide behind them. Considered camping

Outdoors - A fun outdoor theme. Great tiles for background. 6 tiles, 1 solid, 5 walk through.

Castle - An easy to use theme. Goes well with many others. 3 tiles, 1 solid, 1 ladder, 1 walk through.

Industrial - A commonly used theme. 12 Tiles in all. 1 ladder, 6 solids, 5 walk through.

Paintings - Completely different from the other tiles, featuring 3 paintings.

Jungle - Another great outdoor theme, and it's fun to use. 14 tiles,11 walk through, and 2 solids, and 1 ladder. A very decorative theme to use.

Space - A misty theme. 19 tiles, 10 walk through,7 solids, and 2 ladders

Canopy - Takes some time to get use to. But it can make a good map if you use it right. 17 tiles, 12 walk through, 1 ladder,4 solids.

Underwater - A very difficult theme to use. Doesn't go well with any other theme, i found 1 tile that goes with it. It's take awhile to master it. 26 tiles, 14 walk through, 3 ladders, 9 solids.

Volcano - Most tiles are F type, but has some very useful tiles. 22 Tiles, 15 Walk Through, 3 Ladders, 4 solids.

JunkYard - Goes extremely well with Crane. And some very useful tiles. 10 tiles, 5 Solids, 2 ladders, 3 walk through.

Crane - A fun and easy tile set to master. 17 tiles, 10 solids, 1 ladder, 6 Walk Through.

Tiles Type

Each tile has a different effect.

C - Collidable - A wall, you can't walk or shoot through it.
F - Foreground - The tile is front of the character.
S - Special - Spawns and Artifact
A - Ammo - Refills your character hp and ammo for all guns when your press 'E' over it
L - Ladder - a ladder you can climb when pressing 'W' or up arrow
CF - Collidable Foreground - A wall, but it's a mix between C/F Tile type
0 - It's blank next to the tile, it means it's a background


Slots are what your map saves on. You get an extra slot when you get 5000 points. You can check how many points you have by typing /stats in the lobby, and you can how many slots you have under the slots box.You can save a map into a specific slot by filling out the other info, and putting a number in a slot. And then press save. You can load a map by clicking a map slot, and press load.

Clipboard Management

This feature allows you to share maps easier. It's simple to do as well.

Load - Load a map from the slots. And then click load in the Clipboard Management.You can Copy and Paste the code and send it to people.

Save - If you received a code, just paste the code into the box, and hit save. The map should load, and you can edit it.



This section will show you how to to make your map appealing. If you map doesn't look good, then it will get a low rating, or nobody would want to play it. This is a very important aspect in map making.


Symmetry Is highly important. It makes your map look even,good, and fair. If your map is symmetrical, then each team has a fair chance of winning. And it's easier to make a map, since you just have to mirror the opposite side.

How to mirroring

It's simple really. Just start on the left side of the map. Then once you finish. Start on the other side,the opposite you did on the left side.Simple isn't it? make sure you don't miss anything, because it could mess up the map later on.


The middle has to be symmetrical on each side of the middle square. this on works on maps the are 3x3,3x2,3x1. If you make a square to paces from the left to the right. Make another square to paces from the right to left. Just keep doing this.


Correspondence is how well the tile goes together with the other tile. You want it go well with it.Canopy will not look good with underwater, but it will with jungle,castle, and urban. And Outdoors look good with castle and urban. It all has to match. I'll list what i think corresponds together.

Special - Everything
Urban - Everything (Tiles May Vary)
Outdoors - Castle/Urban
Castle - Urban/Outdoors/Industrial/Jungle/Space/Canopy
Industrial - Urban/Castle/Space
Paintings - Everything
Jungle - Urban/Castle/Canopy
Space - Urban/Castle/Industrial
Canopy - Urban/Castle/Jungle
Underwater - Urban (Tiles May Vary)
Volcano - Urban/Castle/Jungle/Space/Canopy
Junkyard - Urban/Castle/Canopy/Crane
Crane - Urban/Castle/Industrial/Junkyard


Ladders are useful to get around. you need ladders to get to higher places. But to many ladders next to each other may ruin the map. It doesn't go together at all. Try avoiding these situations. But in some, you must have to have them near each other.

Yes/No. In case you don't understand what i mean. I'll make a little picture. [] is one tile of a ladder.() is a solid block.


[] -[]
[] -[]







Defence in map making means that you have to make a way for people not to get shot at. For example, use a tile next to a ladder. So they don't get shot while climbing. Very important. Essentially when you want to make a good map


There are many ways to make some sort of defence. A common one is the triangle pyramid . It's shape like this. [] Being a tile


Not only does it defend. It slows people down.

Another defense is the Shelter. It's usually a small room, with a window.
Barricade are another defend. When you stack two tiles on each other. But doing so can make line of sight difficult to use. Since you are unaware what you are waiting for on the other side. A pit is an odd defense. Rather then being not shot at. you are. How is it a defense? Because if your getting fired at, you can step back into the pit, and avoid getting hurt longer. Allowing you to escape.

Public Maps

Public Maps are the maps everyone can play. If you got a map that you think is good enough, then submit it in the "Map Submission" section of the forum. The only people who can make a map public are Admins. But the only person your going to find doing them is Blank101. i use this handy dandy check list, before i send this map

[] Appealing
[] Great Tile usage
[] Great Tile usage combinations
[] Map Layout Good
[] Good game play
[] Symmetrical
[] Fair team Play
[] Corresponding Spawns
[] 2 or less crouch jumps
[] No Maze jumps

[] Server worthy

Just check it off as your rating your own map. And always follow peoples tips.


These tips will be bulleted by • i've been making maps since i started pawn. So be sure to use some of these.

• Never have a ladder next to another.
• Always have you map symmetrical
• Always make sure the tiles goes together
• Have other rate your map
• Play your map often
• Make sure to make it easy to get around
• Not to open, but not to clattered
• Always have some sort of defense
• Don't have to many spawns
• Make sure there are no spawns next to each other
• Don't User Urban Box Tiles For the main tile.


Live - For writing the guide
Blank101 - For making this possible
PawnPlayers - For Helping me make this topic better.


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