Pawn Tactics Update v1.11


Staff Team
December 27, 2018
Pawn Credits
Game was updated on May 1, May 3, May 11 2020

Version 1.11

- In collaboration with @MoMo we've added all the applicable maps we have on file into the game together
- Added new map categories 1v1, Escort the Flag, Flag Fight, Survival

- Made it easier for administrators to add / remove moderators from the game
- Adjusted the requirements for purple smoke (Purple smoke is given to all top 15 players now)
- Changed the versioning scheme to be <major game update> . <update> . <bug fix>

Moderator Changes
- Removed moderator access to IP addresses to respect users' privacy (IP bans can now be given using the player name instead)
- Removed search by IP in mod panel
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Looking forward to the update
I hope everyone will like it ;D
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Hopefully Momo Harbor is gone

Sorry to inform you, Legend, but MoMo Harbor is here to stay, forever and ever until pawn disappears from the universe. You are stuck with it eternally. Call me Creatormin.
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