Pawn update

April 1, 2020
I know yall have been doing a lot to update now but its fallen off since flash has been out sourced really tbh, but aside from that this game is years old and has plenty of time to progress or come to new formats, have yall thought about making this into an ios game??? I woukld play this all day long on my phone plus you could make money from it, most definetly would take a top spot in the app store. Yall should really expand your horizons instead of being held back and not getting anywhere like now where its dying and prob wont be around 2 much longer type of thing...


Staff Team
December 27, 2018
Hey, thanks for your suggestions. We're trying our best to migrate the games to new formats as soon as possible. The goal will be to support all the major platforms: windows, mac, linux, web browser, ios, android.
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