Beta Pawn Version 0.1 - Version 0.10C


Staff Team
December 27, 2018
Updates by Blank101 & JPillz

-Mods no longer appear above admins on user list
-A bug has been fixed where CMODs would gain the admin avatar
-Fixed a bug where gunshots would be heard even after leaving a section
-Spawn points placed on section change areas will no longer spawn you in weird places
-A new command is available - /changepass (Allows you to change your account password)

-Changed the lobby font
-Fixed a bug where players would disappear after after one player leaves the game

-Fixed a problem with user list sorting
-Turned up the chat font
-Fixed a bug where user ranks would display 1 lower then actual in game

-Users now get a warning before being auto-banned from flooding
-Games split into two seperate modes: Ladder and Custom (Read news forum for more information)
-Game hosts can pick multiple maps to cycle through
-Assault MVP goes to player with most kills
-Various server tweaks
-GUI reskinned
-Updated tile graphics to improve image quality
-Improved player handling
-Userlist shows rank avater beside player names
-Game rooms now show a ladder/custom icon beside the name
-Weapons with 100 or more max ammo will now show up correctly in the ammo box
-On rare occasions the game would detect an illegal connection when there was none, this has been fixed
-Fixed another bug that came up with the score board

-Fixed a minor bug in which graphics quality could not be changed from high
-Various line of sight module fixes
-Railgun damage raised to 50

-/welcome command shows the welcome message
-Score chart has been fixed
-Line of Sight module re-implemented
-Damage hack patched
-Ping Cap no longer accepts letters as parameters when hosting a new game
-Game settings save to the broswer cache

-Fixed a bug where refills wouldn't update on your own health
-Spawn invincibility lowered to 3 seconds
-Deleting/overwriting a map now asks for confirmation
-Each user now sees their own text in a green color
-Player stayed crouched when moving out from under a 1 tile space, this has been fixed

-Fixed a bug where heavy weapons could only be selected by scroll wheel
-Fixed a bug where enemy health wouldn't update after a refill
-Fixed a bug where in assault games the objective text at the start of the round would drop to a new line
-Changed score chart from tab to shift

-Updated the warehouse background image
-New backgrounds (Jungle, Underwater, Valley)
-/forcejoin command now usable by mods
-If 5 people were on one team then scores wouldn't show for the last player, this has been fixed
-Added a clear button to clear the main chat
-If a room name was longer than 15 characters the user wouldn't autojoin that channel, this has been fixed
-Sometimes an undefined user messages appears in the main lobby chat, this has been fixed
-Max players per team allowed is 5
-Holding tab in-game now pulls up a score sheet to show stats on every player in the game
-Fixed an issue where after dieing a player sometimes appeared as if they were alive
-Dead body hack patched
-Pawn Elite rank now goes to the top 10 players instead of first place
-Main lobby chat can only display up to a max of 25000 characters now to prevent lag
-Ban list can now optionally display temporary or permanant bans
-Fixed undefined kill coin glitch that occured occasionally
-Weaponry completely changed to include new weapon models, and some entirely new weapons
-New respawn screen
-Spawn invincibility raised to 5 seconds
-Fixed a rare bug which erased stats
-When selecting names on the chat list you can exceed the max message limit

-Fixed an issue with large messages and the scrollbar
-Fixed an issue where players wouldn't die

-Fixed a bug where sometimes players couldn't respawn after the round ended
-Patched the MVP rankup exploit
-Fixed the glitch where sometimes scores wouldn't record
-New /boot command for channel mods
-The chat scrollbar no longer moves to the bottom when a new line is recieved
-Removed button sound effects
-Assault MVP no longer counts for score/mvps due to exploits
-Patched the HTML exploit

-Fixed a bug where players would get randomly booted while shooting
-Fixed a bug where players could get the score or timer to set to NaN

-Channels can be created by users, the creator of the channel also gets a chat mod mode which allows channel specific moderation
-Creating chat room channels command has been changed to /createroom from /create
-Mods can now close game/chat rooms with the /closeroom command
-Fixed the server-crashing issue
-MP5 Damage lowered from 8 to 6
-PGCR changed around a bit, deaths and KD ratio added
-Fixed flag changing colour issue, and also changed the pant colour to match the team colour
-New SMRC explosion graphic
-Invincibility Hack patched
-Banned players who try to log in now get a reason why they were banned and how long the ban is set for
-New background system implemented, all maps can now have a premade static background
-User maps now no longer need to have unique names, so if one user makes a map named "mymap" you can also make a map titled "mymap"
-Ammo hack has been patched
-PM section added to World Rank
-SMRC ammo lowered from 8 to 5
-Fixed a bug when creating a user map, leaving and altering it, people who rejoin will get the new version, but not users who were already playing

-Fixed a bug where kill coins used on guns refill when you kill one person after spawn
-Scores now order from top to bottom instead of the other way around

-Fixed a major issue where you could no longer change weapons
-Fixed an issue where users could still send html messages through pms
-When kicked the dialog box no longer disappears after 1 second

-New kickban command
-Bans now support durations and reasons
-Room names now only support numerals and letters
-Anti-Cheating software improved
-New tiles (Underwater)
-L2K Damage lowered from 10 to 8
-Team changing implemented
-Fixed a bug where team remix would always be turned on even if you uncheck the Team Remix box on the game create window

-People couldn't create accounts, this has been fixed
-Fixed a bug with the SMRC explosion
-Create room command moved to mod only for now

-Fixed a bug that occurs when setting kill coins to nothing
-Speed Hack has been patched
-Fixed small bug where users could create an unjoinable game with noone in it
-Fixed a bug where you could climb through walls in certain places (Thanks to SK8URDEAD for pointing this out)
-Increase default team deathmatch score to 100 kills
-Adjusted all ranking scores, see website chart for details
-SMLC converted into the SMRC, an RPG Launcher
-Railgun damage lowered to 20
-Colt-M4 damage lowered to 10
-Respawn screen weapon descriptions spell corrected
-Fixed a bug where invalid values could be filled into the create map dimensions in the map editor
-Increase climb speed
-Account names can no longer contain numbers for the first character
-Users can now create their own chat rooms
-Clicking a user name now prints their name to the input text box in the main chat
-New command /reply or /r replies to the last user who messaged you

-Added ping timeout feature

-Fixed the bug where undefined showed up on the Post Game Carnage Report
-The Post Game Carnage Report now sorts based on score
-Players can no longer send messages with HTML tags
-Fixed the bug where players appeared in places where they are not
-Decrease in lag for killing (Double kills shouldn't happen as often)

-Fixed a massive issue which crashed the server

-Fixed a bug where when typing WASD your still move
-Fixed a typo in the create account window

-Smoother key movement (Thanks to Megaman 21xx for the idea)
-Invincibility turned down from 3 seconds to 2 seconds
-Pressing enter on the login screen will log you in (Thanks for killerjay for the idea)
-Resized Post-Game Carnage Report

-More info when creating new account
-Max in-game message length is now 60 characters instead of 45
-Pawn is now running on a new server!

-Any weapon other than the pistol would not be selectable, this has been fixed
-Undefined would appear before the round started on team deathmatch team 1 score, this has been fixed

-Team 1 score wouldn't update properly, this has been fixed
-All kills appeared as headshot kills, this has been fixed
-A bug has been fixed where you could hold down the mouse and scroll to the SMLC to get infinate ammo
-Team weapons have been removed

-Player in first place's rank avater wouldn't show up, this has been fixed
-Fixed the negative spawn timer issue
-Increased avater size and player name font size
-Various Server-side bug fixes
-Fixed a bug where cursor keys would not function properly
-/accounts command can now search using IP address or user name
-New in-game font
-Default quality set to medium
-Increased colt Colt-M4's damage from 8 to 12
-Decreased Mac11's damage from 6 to 3
-Decreased Mac11 Silenced damage from 6 to 4
-Increased SMLC's ammo from 5 to 8
-Increased P90's ammo from 40 to 50
-Greatly increased player fall speed
-Players in map editor and world rank now recieve whispers, announcements, and server messages
-Fixed a small bug where when recieving whispers in-game the word 'to' would replace the word 'from', this has been fixed
-Users who idle out no longer have to wait for their nick to timeout
-New clearlogs command for admin
-MVP score boosting exploit has been fixed as well as the kill yourself score boosting exploit
-Players now spawn with 3 seconds of invincibility to prevent spawn camping
-Your own character now has a marker over his head to help distinguish your character from others
-Post Game Carnage Report added to show the winners of the round
-Fixed a bug where bullets would go through some people to reach others behind them
-Fixed client-side score desynchronization bug
-Sending messages in-game are now limited to a maximum of 45 characters
-/users command lists all the users in a room
-/forcejoin command for admins, read help for more info

-New in-game font selected
-Increase in font size player name above head
-Canopy Tile and Space tile graphics fixed
-Mod Panel text now selectable
-Removed dust graphic after animation completion
-Changed surface type of metal crates to 'metal'
-Increased player movement speed from 5 to 7
-Increased player crouched movement speed from 3 to 5

-CMG logo added
-New Tiles (Space, and Canopy)
-New Shot animation (Dust)
-Admins and mods no longer idle out in chat
-Switched Team Chat and Chat keys
-In-Game chat message font changed for visibility
-Decreased name font on player info above players heads
-Increased avater size for displaying rank

-Players couldn't spawn, this has been fixed

-Players couldn't kill each other
-Team chat wasn't working, this has been fixed

-Mod Panel button no longer shows up for regular users
-The head area while crouching was a little off, this has been fixed
-Turning sound off didnt effect in-game shooting, this has been fixed
-Fixed an issue where players would sometimes shoot up through the level
-Increase in game security
-Fixed editor timeout issue
-Fixed not able to log in after disconnect issue
-New command available - /whois NAME - type /help for more information
-You can now see your own rank and name above your head
-User Maps now group together in the map list
-Fixed the glitch where players could jump through walls/barriers by holding A or D and press space near the top of a wall
-Cursor keys now effect movement as well as WASD
-New channel joining message
-New delete account command for mods/admins
-New accounts command to lookup accounts under an ip for mods/admins
-Tutorial has been removed and the map editor button took its place
-New option makes remixing teams optional
-Max players in one game is now 10
-Players can no longer damage other players while they are dead, events where players kill each other will happen much less frequently
-Moderator channel now available for mods only
-Requiring line-of-sight for vision has now been disabled
-Map editor now has delete button to remove unwanted user maps
-Team chat implemented

-Fixed a bug where weapons would show up where they shouldnt be
-Increased benelli damage from 7 to 8 per shot
-Increase in max FPS
-If map fails to load or no spawn point is present, user will be auto booted to chat screen
-When quitting a map when no spawn points are present the mouse would disappear, this has been fixed
-When users join/leave a channel there is no longer a notification of this in the main chat

-Server now supports logging for moderators to review
-Fixed a bug where undefined would show up under map and game type when a user hosted a game

-Fixed game name bug where map and game type would show up as undefined
-Fixed a bug where if a player quit a game and joined a new one they would recieve notifications from the old game still
-Colour coded the scores in the top right
-Fixed a bug where players might have a different gun then what is showing up on your screen
-Fixed a bug where players change screens when they are not supposed to that occured on ladders sometimes (Thanks to Justin_hehe for the email)
-Various Map Editor Improvements
-Chaingun damage decreased from 12 to 9
-Spread on L2K bullets increased from 0.5 to 1
-Increase G36C's cooldown from 80 ms to 100 ms, also decreased damage from 9 to 8
-Teams now balance as well as remix every round end (Thanks to lostvoid for the idea)

-Converted all tiles to rastor images to increase in-game preformance
-Added FPS Counter
-No more case-sensitivity problems
-Bandwidth preformance increase
-Multiple Channels now available
-Escape quit key changed to END for IE users
-Open Beta Launch!

-Implementation of a level editor (Maps can be stored to accounts with a maximum of 5 slots per account)
-Improved account security
-Various grapghical bug fixes
-Smoother interface
-Added the ability to play your own custom maps
-Multiple spawn points are now allowed
-Added Mod panel
-New server commands for mods
-Kill Coins are now added on kill
-Changed ping cap default to off (0)
-Fixed a small bug when saving a map in the map editor the tiles behind the mouse would update to new graphic
-Fixed the use of illegal numbers/letters in the map create input boxes
-Small bug when players were respawning if kill coins was 0 with weapons purchased the weapon would be deselected
-Turned up text duration from 5 seconds to 10 seconds
-More tiles!

-Multiple bug fixes
-Improved shooting system
-Support for more players in one game
-New options for game creators
-Win score bug fixed
-When quiting a game and joining a new game the message "undefined has left the game" appears at start; This has been fixed
-Fixed a graphical ammo bug
-Added new Ping Cap feature to eliminate laggers
-Added scroll-wheel weapon changing control
-Updated World Rank data displayer

-Initial Private beta release

*****Known Bugs*****
-Animations glitch on ladders sometimes
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