Release Pawn Version 1.26

January 1, 2019
Pawn Credits
Hey gamers!

With the coming release of the new site, I thought it best to make a few additions to PAWN and spice up the launch. Apart from the changes to the client and server to get everything working with the new site, here's a list of the most noticeable changes. Hope you enjoy!

If you find any issues with this patch, or any issues that haven't been resolved, please post them in the Bugs Reports forum.


  • Added Admintorum tile set
Note: This new tile set was created by JPillz a long time ago for a tournament that was planned called 'Admintorium'. The tile set was never added - until now!


  • In-game buy menu has been changed to to allow more weapon slots in the future.
  • The user, game, and chat room lists' background colours have been changed from a pitch black to a dark dark grey (#000 to #111).
  • Moderator control panel icon changed to 'Mod Panel' text.


  • Benelli 12 Gauge
    • bullet spread increased to 4 from 1
    • increased bullet spread randomness to 2 from 0

  • Abrahm L2K
    • bullet spread increased to 5 from 2
    • increased bullet spread randomness to 2 from 0

Note: Shotguns have always been very powerful and fun to use. However, shotguns are meant to be more of a close ranged weapon as opposed to a longer ranged weapon. These changes ensure that you still have 1-shot potential in close quarters, but at longer ranges it becomes increasingly less effective.

  • USP Automatic
    • cost decreased to 2KC from 5KC

Note: USP was a little overpriced for a gun that puts out slightly more damage than the silenced pistol that costs 1KC.

  • P90
    • damage per bullet lowered to 6 from 7
    • rate of fire increased to 90ms from 80ms

Note: P90, at 16kc, was in every way the same gun as the MK48, which previously cost 30KC. These changes bring it back down to earth.

  • G36C
    • damage reduced to 7 from 8

Note: Similar situation to the P90. 18KC gun comparable to the MK48 Heavy Auto. This reduction keeps it more inline with its price.

  • AK-47
    • damage reduced to 9 from 11
    • rate of fire increased to 115ms from 110ms
    • cost reduced to 26 from 28

Note: The AK-47 is no longer broken. You're welcome.

  • MK48
    • cost increased to 35 from 30

  • M-29 OICW
    • cost reduced to 35 from 38

  • MK1 Protogun
    • cost reduced to 35 from 38

Note: These godly PAWN weapons all have similar statistics and should therefore be priced similarly as-well.


Map Editor
  • The tile picker now displays the currently selected tile.

  • Platform out-crop left is now collidable.
  • Platform out-crop right is now collidable.
  • Pumpkin is no longer collidable.
  • Platform out-crop left is now collidable.
  • Platform out-crop right is now collidable.
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