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February 10, 2019
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What got you into forums - How did you find out about forums?

Im sure most of us were kids and didnt know forums existed when we played PG/PT

In my case, Circusninja13, leader of JRB, told me about forums. I wanted to get into map making in 7th grade(08-09) and told him about it. He told me about forums. He taught me how to post and get involved.
I used the forum off and on for about 2 years before I really got into it. The real start for me was twofold, political discussions with people like Eiliosdraye (greb would show up in those threads too) and then music discussions with people like SatanicWarLord. After that I started making clan threads for various people, then hosted a couple of tournaments.
Well I initially thought there were more subsidiary options correlating throughout the community site
Started posting on the forum two years after I joined.

I didn't understand the appeal back then, because I just wanted to play games and that's it. After some time I liked participating in conversations, but I wasn't that active.
My activity went up once I became a mod.
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I started off lurking when I joined in '09, but eventually accepted/denied applications when I was a clan mod for GOW (my first clan). After GOW was deleted and a lot of members left the game, I was looking for new people to interact with, and used the forums more regularly as a result. I didn't have one particular area of focus, but just chimed in if I felt the desire to say something.
i dont think there was one reason i started looking at the forums. I just gradually started using it more as i played more
I used it the same time I found PG.
bout the same, then i wanted a bigger role in the community so i became apart of all the ug's with the exception of map makers and gfx( i think i went for pgmmt im not sure) but yeah Ug's kinda sparked my interest in the actual forums itself, but I then learned the forums could be used for a lot more than that.
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