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January 22, 2019
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I'm going to throw out a bunch of ideas here. These are by no means demands! I wouldn't dare to bite the hand that feeds!

HTML5: Are we still playing with Flash? I personally loved Azami's 60 FPS integration, but true evolution would be HTML5. I understand this basically means creating PG from ground up, but hey, it's a wish-list for a reason :p

Gameplay: This section is going to be huge changes that will dramatically change things
- Prone: Instead of 2 degrees of aiming when, it is now 3.
- Forward combat roll: Will mix thing up when running across flat areas. Bonus points if you make it be able to roll across single gaps that are on different levels (like a reverse OGM)
- Jet pack for double-jump: Opens up verticality. Bonus would be to put it as a Kill Coin buy-able item. Give it 1.5x damage multiplier if enemy hits the jetpack to even the playing field between jetpack users vs non-jetpack users
- Game border expansion: Increase total screen size from 1x1 to 3x3. You can also add a mini map to corner that pings the location of players when they fire. Just a blank black screen that lights up the last known location of enemy player would be neat; kind of like a radar. As a map creator, I would love to try and design a 3x3 map that does not take into consideration screen switches
- Change body damage: Head/Chest/Back/Appendages should all be different values
Drop off range for bullets: decrease effectiveness of weapons for different ranges. Don't need bullet drop; just damage drop off

Game Modes
- Capture the Flag: Grab a flag and run it back to base, as opposed to Assault game-mode
- King of the Hill/Domination: players get points for standing in an area. more points if they kill the enemy while defending
- Search and Destroy: This would be sick
- Limited number of lives: give an option to control lifestock for individual players

Map Making: This is what I truly wish for
- General: Overhaul map making system
- Map Tile Layers: Map tiles should be layers instead of standalone tiles. This will allow much more tiles to be created and implemented instead of individually having to insert tiles each game update. Functions to rotate, flip, and assign attributes to tiles (HP of block, bottom layer, middle layer, top layer/foreground, what happens when you shoot the block. effect of block). Key component would be the layering of the block, so you can assign Foreground or Background to tiles. If you are familiar with Pokemon ROM editors (i.e. advanced map), you can see an example of what I mean.
- Converting old tiles into new tile: Once the new mapping system is in place, a separate program to convert the old map codes into new map codes could be integrated. I imagine you can assign each old tile a new tile code and just run it through a program that replaces each instance into the new tile code.
- Tile upload: This sounds dangerous, but could be very effective for creative people to add custom tiles to the game. Maybe have the effect only be shown client side, but create a code for it somewhere in your cache? That way if a map maker posts a pic of their map with custom tiles to the forum, and mods/users like it, the devs can then just ask for the custom files and implement into the game quickly? Maybe have like max 20 custom tiles per account that users can upload into the game and only display on their end.

Chat: Integrate Discord into the game. Would be very spectacular if you can get a partner with Discord. A simple game like PG that you can play while in the discord app would be something truly 2020. Don't need picture/file uploads, just chat would be nice. iirc chat is already linked with IRC?

- Add Clan Tags to usernames
- Easier ability for players to create Clan battles
- Scoreboard for clans

Community: add additional colors for usernames to promote players to join communities (i.e. tournament directors, map making, donating to keep servers running, etc)

Message: Show the limit to message length, so you don't end up typing a paragraph and having it bleed off the page in-game. Have the message log be a toggle like in current FPS games, instead of disappearing when at top of screen.

Edit 1/24/19 Thought of some more:

Server Maps: Refresh the current lineup of maps. Ladder games should have set playlists that promote new maps as well as old maps. You can then make the playlist reflect the type of maps contained within, such as small/medium/large maps or nostalgic/new maps. The community is small enough that having a set playlist shouldn't result in overpopulation, and will promote players to play many maps. Kill counts on these maps should be limited to 10-15 minutes of gameplay. Maybe have it reflect the size of the map. I would strive for 50 kill coins max.

Kill coin readjustment: New players just stand still and are free kills for experienced players. These new players either keep feeding or they get frustrated and leave. Maybe give them some pity coins after certain amount of deaths? Catering to new players, I know it's controversial. Is this game too simple or fast paced to even implement this system? This is especially apparent when you happen to join an already ongoing game and the lowest scoring player is really low score, so you don't even get the benefit of the bonus coins from the system already in place.

HP adjustment + armor/helmet: PG was the result of taking Counter Strike and making it a 2D game. Maybe add armor and helmet to the mix? Have them both be buyable options in the menu that costs 1/2 coins. Helmet adds 25 HP, allowing players to survive headshots. Armor can add 75 HP. Both are non-replenishable by the refill. Maybe also increase price of refill coins if you have helmet and armor?

Refill Cost Increase: Instead of a flat 3 Kill Coins, do multiples of 3 every refill. So, first refill costs 3 coins, second refill 6 coins, third refill 9 coins, etc. Multiple of 2's also work
- Alternatively, Have refills cost half the cost of your inventory. So, if you have the Mk48, you will need to spend 19 coins every time you want to refill. Odd numbered weapons can round up/down. If you have multiple weapons in your inventory, just take the average of everything and have that be your refill cost. For example, if you have a USP (5), Deagle (7), the P90 (16), refill will cost 14 kill coins each time (5+7+16)/2. You can then implement an additional penalty on refill costs for successive refills if you want.

Death Dodging: Do server logs keep track of kills/deaths? If yes, then such a system would be easy to implement imo. Have a report button that you can submit for death dodgers. Server logs could then see that the player in question left the room and rejoined, and at what health.
- Alternatively, have the game remember your health whenever you quit outside of the "buy screen".

Extended mags: If you want to slow down TTK, then decreasing magazine size for all guns and offering a 20% boost in magazine size via buyable item might be a viable option to counter late game kill coin gaps. 10 bullets for a desert eagle in the hands of a skilled player is 5-7 kills easily. Couple this with the refill cost increase, and you will force highly skilled players to use their default pistol more.

Throw your weapon: You know the John Wick 3 trailer? Once you empty your magazine in a buyable item (infinite pistol exempt), you can throw your weapon at some. Scale the Headshot and Bodyshot damage by price of weapon, so the more expensive weapons do more damage. PG doesn't have bullet drop physics system, right?

I had fun dreaming :D
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Love literally all of these Lil. HTML5 may be a long way off, but some of these are certainly doable in the near future :)
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I added some more ideas to the post, in terms of how server maps should be handled, death dodging, kill coin + refill adjustment, and HP/armor/helmet

Having lots of fun just coming up with this stuff :D
Read over it again and I saw “Throw your weapon”. Man that would be hilarious LOL! Imagine wasting all your ammo and then screen hopping and throwing all your guns, “HEADSHOT!”
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