POLL: Pawn Style or Pawn Tactics style?

Pawn Style or Pawn Tactics style?

  • Pawn Style

  • Pawn Tactics Style

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pawn style is way easier on the eyes. the pt style makes me feel like im gonna seize
Eh I’m pretty sure it was like the PAWN original these but the background was blue not red an was more white.
Even though I love PT more (as a game), the PT forums theme is actually atrocious and should be considered a crime against humanity.
I really like the PT style.
I just wish the light blue colors would be a little bit less vibrant and bright, and then I'd probably use that theme only.

Fun fact:
As humans, looking at blue light during the day results in higher energy levels.
However, looking at blue light at night reduces melatonin levels and interrupts your circadian rhythm of sleep (which is important for memory and hormone secretion).

For good health habits, go PT style by day and PG style by night.
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