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January 31, 2019
Los Angeles
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This was initially suggested in Discord by someone, and I thought it was a grand idea that I could expand on a bit:

- Have private rooms with password or invite-only access.
  • This would make hosting tournaments a breeze without worrying about kicking out unruly dishonorable players.
  • It would also allow map makers to test their maps with a larger party of members and run experiments to ensure their maps are appealing and tolerable with all classes.
  • It would allow players to partake in enjoyable game modes like "Recon only."
  • Lastly, it would allow clan managers/owners to have an environment to practice their strategies around for clan war maps without requiring the minimum amount of players needed for a practice clan war.
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Yeah the first thing to come to mind was a Custom mod like in PG. I want this implemented but all up to alex if it is possible. If it is implemented gotta be that no points can be gained through it though
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