PT Commercial V2


January 1, 2019
Pawn Credits
I took some of the tips you guys gave me and shortened the video to 30 seconds.
Let me know what you think, and what else I can do to improve upon it.
Any tips or advice would be helpful Keep in mind we can only show so much in 30 seconds or less while not moving to quickly the viewer cannot comprehend what's going on

The text needs to be more vibrant and popping
the transitions need to be smooth & to the music
the video should solely be the game itself rendered into the window & not your web browser also
more features of the game need to be captured - such as tournaments and community

if you send me high quality clips I can edit them in adobe premiere/after effects.

perhaps staging a commercial would be the best route:
~ flag captures
~ multikills
~ radio commands
~ different classes overview
~ clans
~ other significant events/features that occur in PT (which I am not aware of)
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- At 0:11, you exited out full screen, so that probably needs a quick fix.
- The text should be bigger, bold, black, and in the middle for a more eye-friendly experience. You can also use the texts as transitions.
- At the end of the video, you might want to add something like "visit to start your journey today"
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The intro is too sudden, it needs to start with a title screen that already says Pawn Tactics 8 playable classes then fade into the 8 classes part with the 8 playable classes text still where it currently is.
You've inspired me I'm going to make a commercial to rival this one
Can you also make a new video where you ridicule every player :D could keep it private if people think its toxic haha
What music would you guys suggest?
Just copy the same or similar music from other popular game commercials.

It's important that the target group likes it. If we assume our target group consists of teenagers then it's possible we don't have the same taste for music.
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Play against thousands of people? There is probably about 6 people on currently (I would check but i was banned :D) Dx that is false advertisement !
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