[PT] Is Teaming Up Legal?

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January 1, 2019
Sacramento, CA
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In public games, sometimes players "truce" or team up to maximize points. In Layers, a player on white team may form a truce with a player on green team. Both players heavy camp in their respective bases and agree not to kill each other so each player can earn many kills. Likewise, in KotH matches, players team up so they can each capture the zone without being killed. Is teaming up/trucing illegal or legal, when players are not on the same assigned team?
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No this is not illegal. If there is a big game and someone on red decides not to kill the person on team yellow, thats their choice.

As long as someone is not allowing themselves to be killed by the other team or vice versa, hence the term "Free For All".

The same goes for joining a game with a friend in order to gain free points by not killing each other. This can go for just capturing flags or sitting in assault zones. This is not allowed.
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