Quick Easy Recipe For Beginners


Staff Team
December 27, 2018
Pawn Credits
If you've never cooked before this is easy.

1. get a measuring cup
2. put in a cup of rice
3. transfer rice to a fine mesh strainer and rinse in water if you feel like it
4. find a pot
5. put a lil oil on there
6. put some seasoning on that oil
7. put the rice in that pot and bathe it in that oil seasoning

8. once you're done bathing your rice pour in 2 cups of water. yeah.
9. bring that rice water to a boil.
10. turn the heat down to low and cover the pot and cook it for 10 minutes. maybe add a little salt and stir it in.
11. if you're not too lazy at this point (Ill admit, sometimes I am) check if the rice is soft. If it isn't maybe you need a little more water and cook it for like 3 more mins.

And that's how you make food for your belly in 15 minutes!
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