Songs to pwn noobs by

May 2, 2019
Pawn Credits
Post your favorite songs for executing noobs by. I'm talking the biggest noobs in the game: Bon, all YSL clan members, anyone who doesn't invite EpicWin to their clan, and any theme songs you rock when your clan is going around killing other clans (CLAN SIP OR DIE)

The girl in the pic is me, a recon, cloaked and taking sniper shots. It's oragnized chaos. SIP vs YSL. 5 seconds to go. YSL is about to cap to tie the game. Their recon, bon, has been battered, bruised. Lemongernadier shot him down to 10 hp, but died valiantly in the process. I'm cloaked. I sneak into the back of the base. I take out my sniper gun. I line up the shot. He's got a full escort... surounded by two YSL assault players. Can I make the shot?
No doubt.
Easy money.
First try the bullet flies - direct hit. Bon dies, his recon performs the death animation.
No cap. Time expires. Clan SIP wins.
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After you get a couple kills and you realize... your the best in the game

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When you pick support class and your teammates are low health but they run ahead so you cant get in range and heal them

When Alex joins the assault game and is on your team in a 2 v 1 but purposefully griefs by hanging back and making it harder for you to cap zones, but then next game when hes not on your team suddenly starts trying

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