January 31, 2019
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Just curious for the people who eat steak, how do you like it prepared? Growing up the cut i always ate was flank steak since its so cheap and they were thin slices so it was always cooked well done. ive just recently tried a medium cooked filet mignon and i thought it was delicious. First time i tried a steak with pink inside. I wanna try some Japanese A5 Wagyu. I might start off with some Wagyu sliders in a couple days but yeah anyways who eats steaks here? Recommendations?
Medium rare is my preference for steak. Tried Wagyu and Kobe. Fun to try once, but not so spectacular that its worth the money IMO.

My favorite is usually a Surf & Turf. Cut of Filet Minion and Lobster Tail.
Don't remember, but it was at Shanahans, so let me look at the menu.

Looks like a Ribeye. Although this was last year so it could have been changed.

Then we have a place called Kobe An in Cherry Creek which has some decent samplings of Japanese beef.

Again, extremely good, but i was not blown out of the water. Its like when i finally saw Hamilton after all the hype. It was like, "meh."
I eat ribeye first time well done and second time medium. Honestly since its such a fatty cut it taste almost the same from medium rare to well done . Imo I like it cooked more so the fat gets cooked well and their is more charred flavor. In terms of juiciness its their because of the fat content so rarity doesn't change much.
Ribeye, medium. the cap is damn tasty.

And yes you have to try Japanese Wagyu once in your life. Had the pleasure of having it in Japan and man, it was awesome.
Yup, medium rare. Honestly, I prefer flank steak that has been marinated in some citrus, lime or lemon plus whatever spices are good.
I don't eat steak often, but I typically enjoy it with green beans and mashed potatoes. Medium rare is preferred
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