Implemented Suggestion: Abolish Rule 6

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January 1, 2019
Sacramento, CA
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> 6. English must be used at all times.

Many members of this community come from different parts of this planet and speak many tongues. Furthermore, many players, like myself, speak more than one language. I personally speak French (and Italian), and it saddens me I can't speak French with other players without a moderator quickly pasting rule 6 in the chat. I understand that the intent is for English-only speakers to not be discluded from discussions, and also to prevent trash talking in foreign languages. However, players already trash talk each other in English so foreign language trash talking isn't really an issue. Furthermore, translation tools are easily accessible if anyone wants to understand foreign languages.

~80% of Americans speak only English. A common view amongst Americans is "why doesn't the rest of the world just learn English, lol." However, a common view amongst the rest of the world is "Americans are so dumb, they can't speak any foreign languages. They can't even speak English well." Considering that with the expansion of technology, the world is simply becoming more multicultural. Most Americans have bumped to Gangnam Style or Despacito at some point in their life. Lastly, some idioms or phrases perfectly explain a situation, yet a translation equivalent simply does not do justice to a speaker. Consider, "Elvis has left the building," you simply can't say that in another language and have the same emphasis one would have in English. Likewise, phrases exist in foreign languages that an English translation simply does not do justice.

I would really like to enjoy speaking French with French-speaking Canadians, or read Norsk from Chernobyl, or read Arabic from Legend, and so on.
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People could type a different language to evade language filters. That's the only reason I could think that would contradict a few rules. Then again it should be allowed imo, it brings diversity. My suggestion would be to restrict this rule to only the main lobby.
I agree and disagree. Several places use that rule. Even places that are created by people who don't originally speak English. After managing the pawn social media, we do have great diversity and everyone can still speak English. Even if it isnt the most fluent.

But of course it depends what the community thinks and if so, what can we do to help it.
It does get a bit messy but I also see why some people want/like it.

Its possible we can edit this to only apply to lobby 1 in PT and main lobby in PG.
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It's a tricky situation. Foreign languages discourage English-only speakers from feeling included. However enforcing only English makes foreign language speakers feel hindered.

I originally intended for "Modify Rule 6: English must be used at all times in Lobby 1." But when one negotiates a deal, one must list the highest price first, then after discussion, settle for a more reasonable amount.
Okay, I think we should wait for the release of the forums and get more opinions on this before making a decision.

If most people are for this, I support the idea of it only applying to lobby 1.
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