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January 1, 2019
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One of the things I thought could be implemented, was a more 'passive' way to tell if somebody is online or not. For example, I believe the original iteration of the forum had a sort of light in the bottom left corner of a user's post, with a green light indicating they were online, and no light equating to offline/invisible. I do know you can hover over a username to read when/where a poster's last activity was, but I just thought it'd help for when we receive an influx of posters. Thanks!
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I like it! As for positioning, I was thinking either in the corner of the avatar, too, or right next to one's username. Thanks, Crim.
Lmao :p

I think I like the top left the best, because it's right near the username, which is what my eyes initially gravitate to on a post.
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