Open Suggestion: Hitmarkers

January 5, 2019
Pawn Credits
There are hitsounds, but what if we had hitmarkers? It wouldn’t drastically change the game and it’d be a cherry on top.

You could have the hit marker display on the cursor or near it or something like that.
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I think a pro of this is that when you hit but don't register, it could be that you didn't actually hit them but due to lag it showed up as that. The hit marker would make things very clear.
Maybe fix the disconnect b/w hitsounds registering yet damage isn't done, then implement this.
What's stopping the same issue from occurring with hit markers as it sometimes does in other games.
Another great idea that this community can take advantage of, love it!
are u kidding me yall mofos just want this cuz ya aim sucks and u want to get a leg up on da pro sults. i say if u want this u should have to do it like we do it in da army: every third shot or second shot or first shot would be a tracer and wud do no damage. dis da only way u don't screw over ppl who have excellent aim, who only see this as an advantage to those losers whose hand quiver as they bite the bullet.
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