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January 21, 2019
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There is a ranking system that is connected to the forums, you earn points by winning tournaments. It would be really interesting if we could get that linked between the two games.

The set-up for the configuration costs 100€ but it would be money well spent, have a look at the video set up guide:
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Hmmm well our current setup does come with a ranking system. It relates to trophies though. Currently it’s disabled. However, The tournament addon is something we can look into.

Or is what you are talking about all one big package?
Do you know if there is a version that runs on Xenforo 2.0?

That addon says it is only available for xenforo 2.1 & we are currently running 2.0
Community is too small imho for such an integration. You would be rewarding early adopters a little too early, and if it comes time to reset, I don't see a lot of veterans being keen on having to start all over
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