Open Suggestion: Special classes that a limited number of people on a team can play as at a given time

March 7, 2019
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This is just an idea to balance out class concepts that might seem interesting but a bit overpowered. Making certain class categories where within a given team only a few people can play them, or only one per team, at a time would allow gameplay to be spiced up in ways that might otherwise ruin it if everyone could spawn as that class. You could also set these options to be adjustable for certain maps and gamemodes. So like if you create a Tank class that moves incredibly slowly has an absurd amount of health and a very slow firing but very powerful cannon, meant to only be used one at a time in a team, you can set up Free For All games to not allow that class. Or if we have an Engineer class that can construct useful things in the map like health stations, ammo stations, turrets, barriers, etc you can set that to only be available in two-team game modes and only allow one per team. This also makes certain enemy players high priority targets for enemy recons to try to assassinate.
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Interesting concept for a more competitive format. But what if no one wants to play those classes? Or they don't feel they are good at them? Afaik crowd favourites are recons (~70% of playerbase) and assaults (and maybe lancer). I probably would just not play that mode if I can't get those classes because the other classes just aren't as fun (Idk, I just don't like the scenario of being forced to play as an engineer or a tank because my teammates took the good classes). And I think I speak on the behalf of most people when I address this.
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