Technical Padding Question 6

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January 14, 2019
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If I'm playing CTF with 3 teammates and everyone on the other team leaves, are we allowed to capture three flags to move on to the next game? Is that padding? Are we supposed to all leave the game if that happens?
9. No Padding Stats.
  • If a user pads their stats, not only will they be banned, but the stats that were padded will be erased off of their account. THIS INCLUDES CAPTURE THE FLAG. IF THERE IS NOBODY ON THE TEAM WHOSE FLAG YOU ARE CAPTURING IT IS CONSIDERED PADDING.
i can admit to doing that, dont even care about the points i just want the game to end and not wait 10min so instead of 4 being on one team and no one on the other, it will be a 2v2
Yeah that's what I'm saying what is the expectation of us? Are we not allowed to play in that game now?
If there’s nobody on the other team then it’s padding. If you’ve already taken the flag then they leave, that’s fine.
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