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February 3, 2019
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HallOfPadding said:
If there’s nobody on the other team then it’s padding. If you’ve already taken the flag then they leave, that’s fine.
That seems to be a relatively new rule. Does that rule also apply for CTF-games with multiple teams?

Let's say I'm playing Layers with two or three other players and I decide to capture flags of a team with zero players (i.e. white and black flags). Would that be illegal?
According to that rule the answer would be yes, but it's hard to keep track of all players in a team so I might be capturing flags from teams with 0 players without doing that on purpose.

I'm just asking for a friend, because he does that on purpose. It's just easier for me to cap an "unmanned" flag.
Can you help my friend?
I think the biggest thing on all of the these questions is intent. If you are purposely taking a flag of a team you know has 0 players, just so you can capture the flag without having to fight anyone during your trip their or back, then it’s padding. However, if you thought there was someone on that team and you we’re expecting to find someone to fight for and defend the flag, then I wouldn’t classify that as padding.

There is no way for me to know if you knew about the players on the other team or not. That’s how most of these questions go. Technically lost of them are not padding, however, if you are purposely doing these with the sole purpose of getting points for free, then it’s padding.
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