Technical Padding Question

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January 1, 2019
Sacramento, CA
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This scenario arises in public games

Players A, B, and C are on red team. Players D, E, and F are on blue team. The game mode is Assault. Red team pushes hard against blue team and easily captures zones 1-6. Player D, overwhelmed by the attack, leaves the game. Red team dominates blue team even more as it is now 3v2. After red team captures 2 more zones, players E and F also leave the game. Now, red team has 3 players, blue team has 0 players, and there are 5 zones left to capture. Is it padding if red team captures the final 5 zones? Or should red team be awarded for their exceptional gameplay, capture the final 5 zones, because they forced blue to surrender? What about 2T-CTF? 2T-KotH?
I wouldn’t consider that padding. They just quickly end the game and they deserve to end for making the other team give up.
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