Tell us unique/rare characteristics about yourself

February 3, 2019
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Hi everyone,

tell us something about yourself that would be considered rare/unique/unusual. It's just a fun game.
There are no requirements for the rarity of a trait, but it shouldn't be something obvious like "I play PG/PT".

Lemme start:

  • I play PG/PT
  • I have a small birthmark on my leg
  • I've never smoked cigarettes in my life
  • I had a White German Shepherd dog (btw, its name was Knopf)
  • The age difference between me (25) and my youngest sister is 24 years
I was choked by my mother's umbilical cord when I was born. I am alive because I strong-manned out of it.
My nose bleeds every single day of my life.

I don't actually believe in incarnation (or reincarnation) and in hindsight, I hate this username.

I'm not not a troll.
I've never smoked cigarettes in my life


I play PG/PT


I have a very noticeable birthmark on my right cheek
I am straight edge
I believe some of the values associated with Norse Paganism are things to live by (not the ones people made up in the 1950s/1960s)
I was a top 5 global Nobushi player in For Honor for some time (I've beaten kinseymeister and Alernakin in 1v1s, if you're a For Honor enthusiast)
I wear a Mjolnir necklace at all times
I make a great guacamole
I’m ambidextrous.
ex: I throw with my left and shoot basketball with right
I like guns.
I bought my house at age 25 (7 years below national average)
I was once ranked #2 in the world in C&C Renegade Online (I had much more free time in high school)
I am bi-lingual.
I bought my house at age 25 (7 years below national average)
I just bought my first house at age 23. Closing on March 14th. Lots of naysayers but I bought under my means, I live in a very LCOL city and my mortgage (plus all other costs) actually beats what I'd otherwise be paying in rent, so f--- the naysayers I guess.

What are your top 3 tips for home ownership?
maintain your house like water the foundation, clean the roof gutters, etc. Or you might end up like some ppl I know and pay 10 to 20k in repairs
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