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December 27, 2018
Pawn Credits
Hey everyone,

You have probably noticed advertising hasn't been run and our update output has become stagnant. This is because we're putting all our resources into a second release.
We've assembled many veteran members hyped to restore activity to this community. This is the time to make plans of how we can attract new community members in preperation for a launch date where we'll all release our ads/invites out at once.

We'll be posting a roadmap that outlines our progress towards the launch date by next week.
Most importantly, our staff is making sure we're ready to support regular game updates, and have the tools ready to deal with community growth by the launch date.

Since working on the Pawn Community is solely volunteer based, we aren't able to set a launch date in stone. Roadmap progress updates will have to serve as a method of guessing how soon the launch will take place.

Thank you to everyone for being here with us and contributing to reviving this community!


Edit: Please visit this new forum section if you'd like to help out with the second launch! (:
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Who are these motivated "veteran members"?
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I'm talking about the ones that are responsible for the ads/invites

I was referring to everyone. We can all tell a friend or post on our social media when the time is right. (:
Thanks for the update.

And there was a minor update for PT too. "Hours Played", "Favorite Class" and "Heal Count" are displayed
Are we gonna advertise on y8, miniclip, and other big flash sites? We'd get a lot of activity off of that!
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