Implementation in Progress [Vote] Bring back value to the leaderboards

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
Well considering we record all stats except for number of King of the Hill points, we can effectively change score calculations such as remove any score gained from multipliers without resetting stats.
leaderboard value in PT has almost always been tainted by padding. people capture flags to pad. remove flag captures to get a better indicator of time put into the game
Not anymore. Alex nerfed points for flag caps remember?
if you're trying to match the value of pg leaderboard (which is based on + points for kills minus the points lost for deaths) the way to do so would be doing the same for PT
The primary way to rank up is get a load of kills. Although you do get points for capping a flag, it is minimal (hence why no one pads in layers)
Keep it the way is
Removing the Multiplier is fine by me.

It was nice when there was a ton of people. But as its growing maybe not needed now.

As far as CTF or KOTH points, I don't see a problem, If someone is padding it will reflect in their states, if they got low kills but high points, you will know exactly what they are doing lol.
PG doesn't have those elements, that's what makes PT is unique, and we should be rewarded in someway even small by playing those maps.
Yes i mean there’s not a huge problem as it got nerfed
But primarily points are racked up by kills, so i dont have a problem anyway
Can someone explain how multiplier works on PT?
I tried getting a kill in a General In Chief T1 tier game (with someone of that rank as well) and I got 25 points for a kill.

Later I played layers with low scored players and also received 25 points a kill (the low level players got 25 pts a kill too)
To make the game fair, score multipliers will be removed. We will assess whether or not to rebuild user scores from the base values. To make the game more fun, a score multiplier will be applied to all players and grown overtime as a player gains rank (level).
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