What is Pawn Tactics?


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December 27, 2018
Pawn Credits
Pawn Tactics is a top down shooter game.

There are three main game modes:

Deathmatch (anyone can shoot anyone and the goal is to get the highest kill count)

Team Deathmatch (most commonly 5 vs 5 two teams compete to get the highest kill count)

Capture the Flag (most commonly 5 vs 5 two teams compete to infiltrate the enemy spawn point, steal the flag, and walk it back to the base)

Matches are timed 10 minute games. If you die you respawn as your next chosen class.

There are 7 classes to choose from:
- Assault (average burst rifle, lots of grenades),
- Medic (shotgun, ability to heal teammates),
- Recon (knife, ability to cloak and hide from enemies)
- Heavy (large continuous fire machine gun, thick armour)
- Lancer (large accurate single fire weapon, fast speed)
- Commander (mini continuous fire machine gun, bears auras that affect other players)
- Guard (mini uzi and pistols, bears a shield that can protect teammates from fire)
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