What were your favourite GameCube games?


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December 27, 2018
Pawn Credits
Some of mine were Paper Mario, Sunshine, Ocarina of Time (though technically this one’s a N64 game too), and Nightfire.
Nightfire was awesome, used to play multiplayer all the time. Loved that ski resort map. Resident Evil 4 is my go to answer, but I also gotta mention Smash Bros Melee, some of the wrestling games were good that generation, Paper Mario TTYD. Soul Calibur 2. and THPS 4.
That one was epic with guided sentinel hahaha. Hiding behind the snowy hills.
That was always fun. I miss the "fun" guns in multiplayer games. Stuff like the sentinel or laptop gun in perfect dark. Every multiplayer game prioritizes balance over fun it seems.
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